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The T-E INCORPORATED Design-Build Process

At T-E INCORPORATED, we pride ourselves on being a true design-build firm for all your needs. We have the capabilities in-house to take your project from the beginning to completion. T-E INCORPORATED is able to offer the highest level of service, and provide the highest quality of work, while keeping a tight schedule and remaining cost effective.


Let us show you the T-E difference 

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 - Phase 1: Preliminary Details

  1. - Client meetings

  2. - Site Selection

  3. - Boundary and topographical survey of the project area

  4. - Preliminary site layout creation

  5. - Coordination with other professionals

  6. - Preliminary meetings with government agencies to discuss zoning and utilities

  7. - Make necessary adjustments, and review information with the client

  8. - Create concept plans and budget


 - Phase 2: Development and Engineering

  1. - Execution of zoning/ordinance variance requests

  2. - Create the construction design documents

  3. - Update the construction budgets

  4. - Secure government approvals and necessary permits

  5. - Meet with government agencies to discuss zoning and utilities



 - Phase 3: Project Construction

  1. - Schedule coordination 

  2. - Construction staking and layout

  3. - Execute the construction scope for the project

  4. - Complete the necessary inspections

  5. - Complete all project punch-list items

  6. - Create certified as-built documents as required

  7. - Complete the final inspection 

A dedication to serving commercial customers' diverse needs has made T-E INCORPORATED their 'Answer to the Outside". Water, drainage, and sewer repairs, asphalt paving, concrete, earthmoving, surveying, engineering, snow removal, parking lots, sidewalks and a variety of underground applications has made T-E INCORPORATED the company that facility engineers and property managers select. Our wide range of equipment and services allows us to perform the majority of work without subcontractors, thus saving you both time and money. Any area where equipment or experienced personnel is required, you can look to T-E INCORPORATED for the answer.

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